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to bring with it a life-threatening storm surge. these are live pictures from new york. the city waking up in darkness at the moment. in maryland, residents are bracing for the category one hurricane. this is live from maryland. 50 million people are affected on the east coast. schools and transport has been closed down. mandatory evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people caught in low-lying areas of new york city. the stock market is closed in new york. national air travel affected. many airlines affected and have had to cancel flights in and out. another piece of breaking news, 17 people have abandoned ship while stranded at sea off north carolina because of the hurricane, according to the u.s. coast guard of. teen-person crew took light jacket and went into the lifeboats -- a ten-person crew. now more from our correspondents. >> hurricane sandy churning waters off the new jersey shore. waves as high as 11 feet predicted at the height of the storm. people are getting out. already battling the bins that are expected to get its ferocious -- get ferocious. transatlantic flights have bee
in the dark for the city that never sleeps, the manhattan skyline just a shadow of itself. water is still everywhere in the subways and tunnels. above ground, the trains are not running either. >> this is a devastating storm. perhaps the worst we have ever experienced. our first responders have been heroic in saving lives. they are still conducting life- saving search and rescue missions and we owe them an enormous debt of gratitude. >> all day, people surveyed the damage, the worst of it in the boroughs like staten island. >> when they tell you to stay inside, stay inside. >> sandy is pushing in land, blizzards are paralyzing parts of west virginia and tennessee. president barack obama has warned that the storm is not over. >> my instruction to the federal agencies have been not to figure out why we can do something, i want you to figure out how to do something. i want you to cut through red tape and bureaucracy. there is no excuse for an action at this point. i want every agency to lean forward and make sure we are getting the resources where they need to be gotten as quickly as possibl
and a surge washes through city is on the east coast. the big apple is a big blackout. the storm sparked fires as well as flooding in at least 50 homes in queens. >> so far this has involved about five buildings. we could not get any apparatus down the block. >> welcome to bbc world news. also coming up in this program, as the economic slowdown goes on, financial heavyweights meet in berlin for a financial solution. we find out how hollywood makes sure some of its blockbusters appear on chinese screens. hello, people come up on the east coast of america, waking up too damaged after storm sandy swept across the region. 16 people have been killed as a result of the storm and 16 million are without power. -- 6 million people are without power. >> hello and welcome to washington on the east coast of america where the devastating power of storm sandy was unleashed last night, leaving millions in new york without power and widespread flooding in lower manhattan. break hasas triggered a major rescue operation. our correspondent has this report. >> the city that never sleeps, plunged into darkness. a
an attack in the city of aleppo. at least three powerful explosions ripped through the center of the capital that killed more than 30 people. state-run tv reports the explosions occurred near an officers' club in the northern city. opposition forces are claiming responsibility and say they use the car bombings to target the officials loyal to president bashar al-assad. they renewed it last week to gain control with aleppo. a free syrian army spokesperson says the assad regime mobilized 30,000 troops and 2,000 tanks for the battle. he says rebel fighters plan to carry out simultaneous bombing attacks on the military. >>> citizens upset by iran's plummeting currency have taken to the streets of the capital tehran. their protests highlight their growing frustration with the government. protesters fought with riot police in the city's main bazaar. they were demanding the government stop the fall of the rial. demonstrators staged another protest in a different area of the city. iran's currency has lost 70% of the value in the past year and hit record lows against the dollar. u.s. and european san
are on touched by violence. our correspondent has been to one such city. >> another day dawns on the mediterranean. the only fighting on this part of the syrian coast is between friends on that jet skis. welcome. it is long a place of holiday for syrians. now they are coming here in search of refuge. on the streets here, there is an eased you do not find many places anymore. i arranged to meet a group of students at a popular cafe. the come from syria felt many ethnic and religious groups -- they come from syria from many ethnic and religious groups. but there is no attention around this table. these friends call themselves one big family. it is hard to believe war is raging about an hour's drive away. >> it is a fantastic place. i like my town. >> what do you think about them saying it is too dangerous to come to syria? >> no, no. you can stay in this place. no, nothing. >> nothing happens. there is no problem here. may be like -- they say there is a problem in damascus, for example. not all of damascus. one area. not the whole city. >> it is not just the optimism of use. a f
in an inner-city pr -- e.r. we are glad you have joined us. a conversation with peter nicks coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: the issue of health care has been a constant conversation in this country over the past few years, amplified during this care is the reality of what many americans face, especially in inner cities. peter nicks decided to chronicle a day in a life of an open emergency room. the film is called "the waiting room" and is being called one of the best documentary projects of the year. it is playing in select cities across the country. here are some scenes from the "the waiting room." you have to wait for that -- >> you have to wait for the
to cut the cost down. the city of donguan in the coastal region is home to factories making clothes for overseas markets. surprisingly, a business is booming in this town. rows and rows of sewing machines are on sale at the second-hand machinery store. they came from nearby clothing factories. clothes makers are going bankrupt in increasing numbers amid exports stemming from europe's debt crisis. >> translator: so many firms are going under. that's why we're getting so many of these second-hand sewing machines. >> translator: some 25,000 companies are trying to promote exports at this trade fair but the european crisis is casting a dark shadow. this company makes lights for large four-wheel drive vehicles. exports accounted for 95% of the products last year but they have been showing a significant decline. >> translator: we are seeing a particularly sharp drop in east europe from the way orders are falling our exports in the future are going to show a precipitous decline. >> reporter: and now there is another reason for worry. since last month the relations between japan and china h
like it. >> we expected an unprecedented storm impact here in new york city. that's what we got. so while the worst of the storm is passed conditions are still dangerous. i just can't stress that enough. >> a power station in manhattan exploded. power was knocked out to much of the burough. city officials say it will take one week to restore power as well as the walteter, rail and other services. 2 million households across new york state are still without electricity. the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says workers are alerted at the nuclear power plant on the new jersey coast. officials were concerned about high water levels. three other nuclear mranlplants new jersey and new york were shut down because of high water and damage to the electrical grid. new yorkers found their streets, businesses, and homes flooded. they spent the day trying to dry out. >> the streets of downtown manhattan are eerily quiet and dark. the usual jostling of traffic and pedestrians is greatly reduced. most businesses remain closed and workers are staying home. on 57th street a giant construction cra
. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: orhan pamuk is here, the nobel prize winning author of "my name is red," "snow" and the museum of innocence" has just had another novel translated into english. "silent house" was written in turkish almost three decades ago. it is set in the summer of 1980 in the leader of turkey's coup. fatima is visited by her children. they enter into a deep darkness which is visible between the wings of the big front door. pamuk has also published "the innocence of objects," the catalog to the museum of innocence in istanbul which opened early this year. i am pleased to have this friend of our program back at this table. welcome. >> thank you. >> rose: we visited in istanbul, visitors are making us happy. everything is fine with the museum. >> rose: has everything changed in your life since i saw you? >> i returned back to my writerly persona. so in many so many programs i told you between the ages of seven and 22 i wanted to be a painter then. between 22 to now i'm writing novels but the dead ar
city ever leave spain? at the headquarters of the ruling party, i talked to one of the men who decide that. of the union party that runs the region. >> it is a difficult moment in a rich land that between 8% of 9% of our gdp every year to spain. the result is not happy at all because there are double the cuts in terms of social services, health services, double cups of the rest of spain and double taxes. that is a really big imbalance. we must solve that. >> catalonia has a powerful hand to play -- it is the industrial powerhouse, rich, a kind of spanish germany. until now, nationalist politicians have played that hand to get concessions from madrid, but madrid now can only offer austerity and has repeatedly denied the region's attempts to gain more autonomy. >> we have the political power, but barcelona had the economic power, and now, we are trying in a very clear way to concentrate economic and political power. >> the catalan government now wants an independence referendum legal or otherwise. >> if the legal process does not run good enough, we will not stop. >> you will have a ref
festival is in full swing in south korea's second largest city. organizers aim to lead the region's film industry and the event is to be getting more popular every year. nhk world's annajong reports. >> reporter: come and see a movie in bustling britan. i'm outside a venue for the busan film festival where dozens of screens are lighting up every day. the red carpet event that opened last week attracts more than 150,000 film fans to plunge into movies, or lounge on the beach. in the 17 years since it started, busan has grown into the major stop on the world film circuit. and this is the main events space. the busan cinema center. it's a $115 billion complex commissioned by korean government officials after they spotted busan's potential to be asia's film hub. 37 theaters, including this one, will screen 304 films from 75 different countries and regions. the unique thing about busan is its focus on asian films. the organize ers' ambition is to take those movies to the world. the festival opened with a bang on october 4th. a lot of korean movie stars and asian stars were seen on the red car
, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide. from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: evan thomas is here, an author, a journalist and a professor at princeton. he has written on topics including robert kennedy, barack obama, the ci and wise men in his latest book he turns to president eisenhower, thomas sheds light on aspects of eisenhower's personality that have often been overlooked, he examines how the president's tactical skill informed his leadership and his foreign policy, the book is called ike's bluff, president eisenhower's secret battle to save the world, i am pleased to have evan thomas back at this table. welcome. >> charlie. >> rose: why do you call it ike's bluff? >> well, he was running a big bluff. he was bluffing with nuclear weapons. >> rose: meaning what? >> meaning ike's central insight was that he didn't want to fight any wars, not little wars, not immediate wars, he didn't want to fight any wars but the ways to avoi
to the coast as it moves northward, potentially reaching as far as new york city over the next week, bringing 90-mile-an- hour winds and torrential rains. at florida is under a tropical storm warning already. joining me from miami beach in gingera is abc news' zee. >> the rain has been on and off but it is pounding at times. we will see 40 to 60 miles per hour gusts. the churning wave action is not normal in south florida, and the ocean has been coming up and all the way to the edge of the beach and will likely push beyond the ropes here. that will be one of the major problems for at least the florida coast. if this goes through the atlantic, it starts to take a curve back and at almost looks like a spoon into the u.s. the mid-atlantic, parts of washington, d.c. and even new york city, that is where part of deterrence and makes an impact with another system hitting the seen, and you'll likely this be a historic storm. >> keep your feet dry but to continue with that thought, because i have heard doom-laden scenarios for new jersey, new york city, with the seriousness of flooding and all sorts
. we're on the road in los alamos, new mexico, part of our 100-city tour. the u.s. military has deployed a secret task force to jordan to help respond to the ongoing violence in syria. "the new york times" reports a contingent of more than 150 planners and other specialists is tasked with helping jordanian forces handle incoming syrian refugees, prepare for syria's potential loss of control over its chemical weapons, and respond should the turmoil in syria spread more widely throughout the middle east. the mission also reportedly has discussed contingency plans to insulate jordan from the conflict, with talks of a u.s.- backed buffer zone along the syria-toward a murdeborder. the u.s. military presence in jordan comes just as the jordanian monarchy is facing its largest protests since the start of the arab spring. thousands of jordanians marched in the capital demanding economic opportunities and democratic reforms. turkey forced a syrian passenger airplane to land in and confiscated its cargo is tensions between the two countries continue to rise. the airplane was traveling fro
. on sunday, the new york city mayor michael bloomberg ordered the evacuation of tens of thousands in low-lying areas. >> in light of these conditions, i'm going to assign an executive order mandating evacuation of some areas. i am also ordering all of the city's public schools be closed on monday. first as to the evacuations. we are ordering this evacuation for the safety of approximately 375,000 people who live in these areas. if you live in these areas, you should leave them this afternoon. >> with just over a week before the election, but president obama and republican challenger mitt romney have scaled back campaigning as hurricane sandy approaches. the two campaigns have cancelled a combined 17 events and suspended fundraising emails in states that lie in the storm's path. on saturday, president obama rallied supporters in new hampshire, where he criticized romney's record as governor of the neighboring massachusetts. >> during governor romney's campaign down there, he promised the same thing he is promising now. he said he would fight for jobs and middle-class families. but once he
there are 2000 or 3000 people down in the center of the old city, the protest so far is relatively good natured. as you said in your opening remarks, jordan has avoided many of the pitfalls of violence and upheavals we have seen over the last two years in other countries, particularly in syria to the north. many jordanians are anxious that whatever changes might be in store, they need to avoid a descent into civil war. there are heartfelt calls for a general political we fall. -- reform. people want a change to the political system. they do not want a change to the monarchy. the monarchy is safe and acceptable to many jordanians. they think parliament means to be reformed in the eyes of many jordanians. the muslim brotherhood is out on the streets today. they see the success of their fellow brother the members in egypt and tunisia and libya and it wants to get freedom for themselves. the jordanian king dismissed parliament last night and called for new elections. how representatives the elections -- how representative the elections will be is yet to be seen. >> the elections will be carried out
. >> in the city nevada, reno is a little less vegas than las vegas it might be little but its voters could have a big impact on the elections. few places in america were worse hit by recession. inform has the highest unemployment rate in the country. barack obama won here comfortably four years ago. this time it will be closer. >> you're going to have a big choice to make, nevada. and it's not just choice between two candidates or two political parties. it's a choice between two different paths for this country. >> this is the other path. mitt romney, the businessman turned politician who is promising to turn the economy around slipped a little in the polls but it's still too close to call. >> these debates are an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway forward to america we can choose and the people are going to have to make a choice. >> more money is being spent on this election than ever before. who wins depends on how people vote in a handful of swing states and in a few areas of those states so all the money is being spent on bombarding the undecided with tv ads and phone calls.
orleans temporarily blocked a city ordinance that outlaws preaches on bourbon street after dark. it the law bars people from disseminated social religious or political messages on the street between sunset and sunrise. the american civil liberties union filed suit on behalf of a preacher after members of her ministry were arrested. in new york city a prominent egyptian american blogger was arrested after painting over a controversial subway ad that equates jihad with savagery. the hotly debated ad now in several subway stations urges people to defeat jihad and support israel against, quote, the savage. several muslim and interfaith groups have protested the ads. the sponsors insist they are protected by the first amendment. in other news there was more scholary debate this week over the so-called gospel of jesus's wife. an ancient scrap of papyrus a harvard professor says might be evidence early christians believed jesus was married. the vatican this week called the item a fake and a clumsy forgery. >>> a special church of england panel held three days of closed door meetings to
and baltic sea. the north seaport city is home to the latest wind power research. now that offshore wind has become viable. researchers and companies from all over the world are coming here to find out more. >> the idea of the floating technology is to be independent of water demt. three times are suitable for installations for example in the chinese sea or around japan. >> bremerhofen has been a ship building city for two centuries. now it's a major hub for offshore wind technology. in 2002, with ship building in decline, the city decided to switch focus to wind power. investors have spent 500 million euros developing wind power around germany's north sea coast. the wind farms and related businesses have created jobs and are now the town's core industry. the technology is progressing but the challenge remains, how to store the electricity. once solution is hydrogen. germany is focusing on hydrogen as an alternative to petroleum, using electricity water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. that gives a clean, renewable energy source with no carbon dioxide emissions. last year germany became th
in the city of durbin stopped its production lines last week. workers at the company's car seat factory are demanding a wage hike. toyota supplies the seats. its officials are in talks with the local labor union but say they aren't sure when output can resume. this is not the first time it was forced to close. it was shuttered for several days earlier this month when its own workers staged a strike. labor issues in emerging economies continue to pose a challenge to japanese makers with overseas operations. >>> bank of japan officials are struggling with whether to ease credit further amid the global economic slowdown. the question will be high on their agenda at next tuesday's policy meeting. central bank officials are suspecting existing programs aren't enough to achieve their goal of 1% inflation by march 2015. the target is to tackle deflation and achieve stable growth. in a branch managers meeting on monday officials confirmed domestic economic activity is on the decline. they agree the slowdown in china and other economies are weighing down on japan's production in exports. they al
had to interact before because they had this city's separating them and they had to interact with the local law enforcement and local government. the local government is going, what is going on here? vegas was part of nevada and utah were mormon. the center of power used to be in salt lake city. it is still, to a degree. it was frowned upon. there was gambling and prostitution down there. with all this money, i think the folks up there when, hey, we should get our hands around this and get control of the situation. it made for strange bedfellows. really odd marriages of really different cultures in a way that we had not seen before. tavis: what are you learning so far about walking in the shoes of a wise guy, trying to go good? >> is really an interesting perspective. let's -- try to divorce yourself from me for a moment. this is part of my process. reading, talking to individuals, taking in information from whatever quarter i can find it. the attitude is, not speaking for myself, what separates me from law enforcement? nothing. they are just the people with the badges. they
in the northern city of aleppo told nhk that government planes continued using cluster bombs even after the claims were made. cluster bombs scatter hundreds of smaller bombs. they can kill people long after conflicts end. more than 100 governments have signed a treaty banning their use. syrian leaders have not signed the agreement. >>> a pakistani girl shot by the taliban arrived in britain for medical care. doctors in pakistan have been treating malala yousafzai since she was attacked last week. government officials say she needs long-term care abroad. the pakistani government offered to pay for yousafzai's transport and treatment. doctors flew with her in an air ambulance provided by the united arab emirates. yousafzai is 14 years old. she wrote a blog advocating girls' education. that angered some fundamentalists. gunmen boarded her school bus in northwestern pakistan last tuesday and shot her in the head. the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. the shooting sparked an outpouring of condemnation across the country and abroad. police have arrested several suspects in connection with th
, in this city at the moment even while events like that take place on the streets of athens. -- a sense of calm. >> in some papers there are tensions between france and germany, the alliance that we have always said drives the union. >> in has been the alliance that has always driven the union. on many issues, the french and germans of not always seen eye to eye. this has been finding a middle ground between them that has resulted in the compromise that europe then pushes ahead with. optimists are hoping the same capthappens in the case of the euro zone. we have seen this in angela merkel's comments and the french leader's comments. optimists would say within their differences there's always a compromise. but the danger, which is what i think you are getting at, is that, especially with the market pressure off at the moment, but there's no real push to resolve the differences, but they get into a political deadlock. that's pretty dangerous. although there's more investor calm at the moment in spain and elsewhere, the debt problems remain and still need sorting out. europe still has to sort out
for the second city, aleppo. they are said to be better equipped, for example, with small arms from the gulf and other groups. they control most of the territory north of aleppo, which is effectively prominently in rebel hands, although still in very heavy and indiscriminate government bombardment, which is what i found when i visited the small town of mara north of aleppo. the danger comes from above. the regime still ruled the sky. it rains down terror on towns like mara with indiscriminate strafing and bombing. this was a secondary school until a government bonmb hit. >> the fighter jets attacked, then they went away. then they came back and attacked again. >> a few days passed without a funeral. today, they a burying a man who fired machine-gun fire from a plan as he drove his car through the town. uddenly, the mourners' attention turns from earth to sky could a helicopter is approaching. until it eventually changes course, they, too, are threatened with death. on the ground, at 3 syrian army soldiers govern and guard the town of mara now. foupious men, determined to bring social justice
projects have created an economic boom in a city, and incomes are rising. so one japanese firm is hoping residents will spend some of their cash on something they can't get. fresh imported sushi ingredients. this shopping mall is located in the largest city. in late september, sushi was put on the shelves. it was made with fresh fish, imported for the first time directly from a region of japan. >> translator: i love sushi. tuna and yellow tail are popular sushi ingredients. but these fishes are not found in the the region's coastal waters. this caught the attention of a food company that has been running the supermarket for russian customers in wakkanai for 15 years. the president of the company exported the fishes not found in the waters off sakhalin on a trial basis. >> translator: we ship them from wakai. we thought we could keep them fresh if we used a direct ferry service between wakanai and sakhalin. >> usually imported sushi ingredient are sent to sakhalin through moscow but this takes about three months and it is often difficult to keep them fresh. he spotted a business opportuni
in the resort city. as part of a program that brings americans to israel, but was recently fired from his job. on the campaign trail, president obama slammed republican challenger mitt romney during appearances in the battleground states of colorado and wisconsin. some have criticized obama's appearance in the first potential debate wednesday night, he appeared lackluster compared to more aggressive romney. obama hit back against his opponent during a rally in denver, accusing romney of backtracking over tax cuts for the wealthy. >> when i got onto the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. [laughter] but it could not have been in romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts to favor the wealthy. the fellow on stage last not said he did not know anything about that. >> mitt romney tried to capitalize on his high marks from the debate as he campaigned in the swing state of virginia. some critics noted obama fell to ask from the about his famous 47% comment that nearly half of americans
of new york city police questioning of young men of color and to the department's controversial stop and frisk program. the audio was recorded last june by a harlem teenager who says he was stopped frequently by police. on the recording, police officers can be heard telling the teenager he looks suspicious because he had his put up and was looking back at them. they also threatened him with physical violence and used rationalized language, calling him a mutt. >> do you want to go to jail? >> for what? >> shut your mouth. >> what am i getting arrested for? >> for being a mutt. >> [indiscernible] the surgeon is holding me like this insane, "i am going to break your arm -- and saying, "i'm going to break your arm and punch you in the face." >> new york city police, by their own account, and conduct more than 1800 stop and frisks every day. more than 20% of them are reportedly with force. people of color are disproportionately targeted. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. >> welcome to all our listeners a
in the iraqi cities of bosra and fallujah, both of which endured heavy u.s. bombing. iraqi children were found to have elevated levels of mercury and lead, key elements in the manufacture of bullets and bombs. overall, the study says u.s. bombings have left "a footprint of metal in the population" causing a public health crisis. next march will mark the iraq war's 10th anniversary. khalid sheikh mohammed and co- conspirators will appear in a military courtroom for pretrial hearing in their tribunals for plotting the 9/11 attacks. all five of the men were once on in secret cia prisons before being sent to guantanamo in 2006. ahead of today's hearing, the military prosecutor in the military attorney in the case sparred over the admissibility of the suspects' alleged torture while in u.s. custody. >> i have said that new statements to the military commissions act obtain as result of torture or cruel treatment or coercion is admissible. that's true. that refers to the prosecution's case against an accused. it cannot be admitted. that is not to imply that there can be no addressing by the military
in our 100- city tour in minneapolis. voters in maine, maryland, and washington will decide on november 6 whether to recognize same-sex marriage, potentially marking the first time such marriages are legalized by popular vote. meanwhile, here in minnesota, opponents of same-sex marriage hope minnesota will become the latest data passed -- to pass a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and woman, effectively banning same-sex marriages. a yes vote on the minnesota ballot would prohibit laws to legalize gay marriage. the group minnesota for marriage is spearheading efforts to pass the amendment. >> marriage as the union of a man and woman has served society well for thousands of years. marriage is more than a commitment between to loving people. it was made by god for the creation in care of the next generation. marriage is an issue that should be decided by the people. voting yes secures traditional marriage in the constitution and insures@y the voters can determine the definition of marriage in the future. please, vote yes on the marriage protectant amendment
. on sunday, an estimated crowd of up to 50,000 gathered across the capital kuwait city in an attempt to march on government headquarters. at least 29 people were admitted to the hospital after police surrounded marchers and used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse them. deadly protests have broken out in panama over the sale of state-owned land within the duty-free area of cologne. on friday, and 9-year-old what was killed, several others wounded when police opened fire on demonstrators who burned tires and thrown projectiles. the shooting prompted further rallies over the weekend. a professor and protest organizer said the demonstrations would continue. >> we will continue this peaceful event. the front once the law to be repealed, not violence. >> the former south dakota senator and democratic presidential nominee george mcgovern has died at the age of 90. senator mcgovern is best known for running against richard nixon in the 1972 presidential election on a platform of withdrawing u.s. troops from vietnam. memorial services are scheduled to begin on thursday in sioux falls, south dakota
took it in the neck, worse than any other state. >> hurricane force winds pounded ocean city maryland and they said all along their biggest worry by far is flooding. >> this is what you get on the flip side of hurricane sandy, snow. >> and it hasn't stopped all night. >> the storm has caused the cancellation of 14,000 flights across the country. >> do we know how this storm may affect vote something. >> this is a frantic time for both campaigns to a pause is something they want to get over with fast. >> hopefully your thoughts and prayers will join with mine, to think about those folks who are in harm's way. a. great thing about america iss like this, we all stick together, the good news is we will clean up and we will get through this. >> we turn now to politics with mark halperin of time magazine, who is also the best selling author of game change. >> if this storm hadn't happened we would be seeing wall-to-wall coverage of one of the most exciting finishes to a presidential election in the television age. we are not going to see as much of that, certainly through the weekend. which
overnight. fierce clashes set up a massive fire over the weekend in the city's historic central market. speaking to the pentagon, defense secretary leon panetta said it appears the assad regime could be moving its weapons stockpiles around the country to sit card against attacks. >> there have been, firing occuh resulted in the fatal wounding of an isaf soldier and the death of a civilian colleague. reports, with regard to some of these fights, there has been some movement in order for the syrians to better secure chemicals. while there has been some limited movement, again, the major sites remain in place, remain secure. >> venezuela is less than one week away from a presidential election. over the weekend, tens of thousands of people turned out four separate rallies led by the rival candidates. tensions escalated on saturday when three supporters of caprille were gunned down. at a rally, hugo chavez condemned the attack and promised an investigation. >> we all have to regret very much the deaths of two people yesterday in a clash over two groups, one in a caravan, the other in the st
the vegetables. >> reporter: these days, small neighborhood gardens are also popping up all over the city on previously abandoned lots and even in some residents' backyards. this past summer, 30,000 teenage volunteers -- unmistakable in their in brightly colored t-shirts -- arrived in new orleans from lutheran congregations across the country to help till and plant. sanjay kharod works to connect local residents with organizations and groups, like these lutheran volunteers, that can help them grow food. >> there's a long history of growing in the city, and what we're trying to do is we're trying to encourage people to do that again. >> reporter: by and large, residents have reacted enthusiastically. >> i go to the store, if i decide to buy me some strawberry, pop one of them open, taste it, and there's no taste to it. you know, and i grew strawberries in my yard and picked that, and they're nice and sweet. >> reporter: food deserts have become more numerous in new orleans since the hurricane. according to the congressional hunger center, the average grocery store here now serves 16,000 pe
in 1904. a russian soldier has an eye injury. he has been transported to a hospital in the city. at first he closes himself off off to the japanese. but tender care from a japanese nurse, makes his resolve. >>> eventually the two fall in love. the idea for the musical was catched after a russian gold coin that is more than 100 years old was discovered in the prefecture. the coin was found on the grounds of the hospital. where russian prisoners of war were engraved on the coin the initials of a japanese woman, and a russian man. research proves these people existed. the woman was a japanese nurse. the man, a soldier from rush yeah. the coin appears to be a pledge of love between the two. and the japanese did set up prisoner of war camps in the region during the russian/japanese war. some inmates were freed to cycle to the city and bathe in the local hot springs. because of the local kind treatment, the prisoners flourished. the actor, who plays him, viz ets -- visits a russian cemetery before heading out to moscow. >> the people who are resting here, wanted to return to their homeland. but
washington, d.c. or new york city by tuesday. regardless of the track it could certainly produce, rough seas, strong winds and some showers. along the eastern seaboard of the u.s. for the next several days. as for the continent, strong low-pressure system is located over eastern canada, producing moderate to heavy snow and heavy rain. and also, thundershowers along the cold front, and as the rain moving through, temperatures, will drop significantly, so, look at this. only 90 degrees expected in chicago. that is 15 degrees cooler than thursday. 13 degrees in oklahoma city. and threen d ein denver. still on the hot side. 30 degrees in los angeles. we have red flag warnings. for southern california. all right, moving into the philippines, and another tropical system is now moving over the south china sea. this is tropical system, expected to become a severe tropical storm within the next 24 hours. may make the second landfall in vietnam, some time between saturday afternoon into your sunday morning, local time. heavy rain, of up to 100 millimeters is likely, from tonight into saturday night. a
veteran, a woman who was also 38, a librarian from new york city. he brought her out there and things went pretty well for them until world war two came along. of course, there is a lot of misery involved. why would i write a book without misery in it? people do not really want to be miserable -- tavis: speaking of world war two and misery, you wrote this book during our break recession. -- our great recession. how does the timing of writing a book impact the riding of the book? >> great observation. the second story takes place during the depression. the lester family became quite well known as a result. they were featured on night magazine with photos, swiss family lester. the whole country was in a depression and they fixated on this family as living apart of their own country and being self-sustaining. they had two young daughters while they were there. the daughters had never been a short period when they first came ashore to santa barbara, they were 4 and 7 years old. the press followed them around. the girls had never seen a tree, a house, a car. their first ice cream cone was repor
look. >> a city in eastern pakistan. a garment factory, 150 men make uniforms for judo and karate. they work for a japanese company that moved its production base here in july from china. >> translator: we are starting to receive orders from companies in europe as well as japan because of rising costs in china. >> pakistan's population is said to keep growing for the foreseeable future. more and more japanese companies see it as a promising market a japanese company has formed a joint venture with a local firm. their new factory began operations this month. a proud manufacture -- >> this is a huge market of 1 will 0 million people. the per capita kwon assumption is just 130 kilograms. we can expect steel to grow sharply. >> the biggest obstacle to doing business in pakistan is poor security. in the southern city of karachi, gun crime is rampant. in karachi, when japanese people go out by car. they usually take an armed security guard with them. this serves as a representative for a japanese company is one of them. he started traveling with an armed guard in june on the orders of h
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